Why Global Talent Portugal
WE offer a clear path with the startup ecosystem and the universities in Portugal

With its help, universities in Portugal can increase their role and interaction as a central entity between startups and incubators for the participating entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, mentors, and executives.
Benefits for universities
Provide access to resources
Universities provide access to resources that can help startups and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Such resources may include funding, mentorship, and research facilities.
Provide space for collaboration
Portugal's universities provide world class infrastructure for startups and entrepreneurs to meet, work, and collaborate.

This is achieved through their connections with co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators.
Global Talent Portugal gives the opportunity to work with talented young people from Portugal and around the world.

This can help them to learn critical business skills, to develop new ideas, and to build new relationships.
Make a difference in the Portuguese economy
Participants of Global Talent Portugal have the chance to make a difference in the Portuguese economy by helping to create new jobs and businesses.
Get financial rewards
Entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, and executives can earn a share of the profits by helping startups to succeed via the program.
Create a supportive environment
Access a global network
Partnering with us gives access to a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals.

This can help our clients to raise capital, to find partners, and to expand their businesses.
Universities in Portugal provide key resources, events, and programs that are tailored to their needs.
By acting as a central point between startups/incubators and entrepreneurs, founders, VCs, and executives, Universities in Portugal create a thriving startup ecosystem.

THE GLOBAL TALENT PORTUGAL PROGRAM stimulates the Portuguese economy by creating new jobs, businesses, and opportunities.
Human capital
Growing skills
Growing business
Growing employment
Portuguese universities role in Global Talent Portugal
By partnering with Global Talent Portugal, universities can gain access to the knowledge and experience of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world.

This can help universities to improve their teaching and research, and to create a more supportive environment for startups.
Increased knowledge
Enhanced global network
Partnering with Global Talent Portugal can also help universities to gain access to a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals.

This can help universities to attract new students and faculty, and to collaborate on research projects with other universities around the world.
Increased startup success rate
By providing startups with access to experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors, Global Talent Portugal can help to increase the success rate of startups in Portugal.

The Portuguese economy benefits by creating new jobs and businesses.